What can rcRaceControl.com do for me?

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rcRaceControl for the Driver


Once registered with your personal and car details entered, you can book into meetings with a couple of keystrokes. No more filling in forms, posting entries, wondering if they arrived. With rcRaceControl you see your entry details immediately.


You will get an email when your entry is confirmed, and you can also see who else will be racing. The system is totally transparent, as the Race Organisation updates, everyone sees.


If you need to change details, just do so in your rcRaceControl account before the meeting update deadline and your entry automatically updates.




rcRaceControl for the Race Organiser.


Come in and relax! No more chasing paper, copying data, making mistakes. All the entry data is exactly as the racer entered it. All you do is approve entries. You can set up and manage your own meetings, decide how and when you want the racers to pay for their entry, via your own PayPal account, Bank Transfer, Cheque or even pay on the day.


rcRaceControl knows all about radio frequencies. You can select what is acceptable for your meeting. You can specify how many crystals you want. Of course a DSM (Spektrum) radio is handled sensibly!.


The racer will see a warning message in his entry if more information is required and you can make sure you only accept entries from racers who complete all the requested information. In fact the race data that can be captured is enough to complete a comprehensive Tech Chart. No more chasing the A finalists while they try to get ready to race.


When you are ready to upload the meeting the system gives the drivers 48 hours to make any changes then you can download the entry data in CSV (Microsoft Office Excel readable) or XML format. You even get to choose what driver and car data you want. You can upload the race data at any time to process and create reports. Naturally the system has facilities to keep track of who has paid..