Making an Entry

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Once you have updated My Details and added some cars, you are ready to enter a race meeting.




To enter the meeting click the Enter button. If the meeting is not yet open or entries have been closed, this button will not be available.




Please note that you will NOT be able to enter a meeting without completing My Details and adding a car. If you have more than 1 car, select it using the dropdown and press Update.




After pressing update the entry is made. Notice that you now have a My Entries button on the right side menu and an entry for this meeting. You can go to your entry using this button. Notice also that there is a message in red. To view your actual entry click the orange Show My Race Entry button.




This shows that I need to fill in the Radio details on my Car. To do this I need to click the Buggy Button (my car name) in the right side menu, add the information (not forgetting to press the Update button). Now if I view my entry it will be complete. The graphic on the phone numbers is so I can use Skype to call those numbers. It is a Skype Addin and not part of


The entry is currently at "Request" Status. The Race Organiser will at some stage change it to Awaiting Confirmation, Confirmed or Reserve. When this happens you get an email similar to the one below.




Now if you look at your entry you will see the status has changed and you can now see the payment details.




Now you can pay the entry fee and expect your entry to be changed to Confirmed or Reserve.


There is a withdraw button. You should only use this if you are withdrawing from this Race Class! If you need to change entry details, do this via My Details or Car. If you withdraw from the meeting you may loose your entry or position in the reserve list.