Entering Registration Details

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When you click the registration button, you will see the following screen.


The User ID can be any length up to 25 characters. You can use Alphabetic letters or numbers.

Examples would be boyracer boy23racer 12366 bill

The name must not be in use by anyone else. Capital and lower case letters will be treated the same

so FRED is the same as FrEd is the same as fred.


The Password must be at least 6 characters long and can be a combination Alphabetic letters and numbers.

Capital and lower case letters are not treated the same so if your password is fiddle typing FIDDLE would not work.

Remember to check the Caps Lock key if your password is rejected!


You must enter the password twice, just to make sure you typed it correctly.


Next you must enter your E-mail address. This is vital as the system will send you e-mails concerning your race entry and it is important that you get them! There are some email systems that will file e-mails from automated systems in Junk or Bulk mail folders unless you register the incoming e-mail address. Other systems, in particular AOL will completely block these e-mails and  never give you the option to see them. For this reason we would suggest that you don't use AOL with rcRaceControl.


Finally you must copy the Security Code from the blue box.


When all is completed press the Register Button.




In a few minutes you should receive an email similar to this:




Some Email systems are quicker than others. If you don't get the Email within a few minutes, it may have been flagged as possible Junk or Bulk mail and filed in your Junk or Bulk Email folder. Have a look and if this has happened please add our e-mail address to you "white" list. It is very important that you are able to receive Emails from the system.


Click on the Link and you will see the following screen.




You are now ready to log in and start using rcRaceControl.com.