Driver Details and Adding Cars

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Click on the My Details Button on the Right.




Enter as much information as you can. When entering phone numbers please use the country code (44 for the UK) followed by the full number. Most Race Organisers will appreciate a Mobile number so you can be contacted quickly.


the Interests Section will control what Race Meetings you will be informed about by Email and what meetings you will see when you click the Race Meetings button. When you have completed this information press the Update button to save this information. You can update this information any time you like. The updated information will update your Race Meeting Entries.


When you have updated My Details you can add one or more Cars.


Scroll down the screen and you will see:




Click the Add Car button.


Now you will see this.




You now have a car called My New Car. Click on this orange button and you will be able to enter details about your car.