Car Details

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To Enter or Update Car Details Either click on the Car Name in the Right Side Menu or the Car Name on My Details.










The first thing you should do is change the car name to something short. This name will appear on the right side Menu, under My Details. You can add more cars via My Details. Some Race Organisers may ask you to use specific Car Names. This will help them when using the Entry Data for setting up the Race Meeting.


Enter as much information as you can. Type, Scale, Driver and in particular Formula may not be significant for the meetings you enter or the type of racing you do.


Most of the larger meetings will ask for your sponsors. If you don't have a sponsor, just enter "none" or maybe "yes please"!


When you have entered the details, press the Update button. Now scroll down to enter the frequency data for your radio.


register11 can be used all over the world and so has facilities for all the different RC Bands. Select the appropriate band (40.xx5Mhz is the UK 40Mhz band) and click the Select bands button.




You will see all the 40 Mhz frequencies ending in 5. The frequency and channel name is listed for your convenience. Tick the frequencies you have and press the update button.


You will see a list of your frequencies in the upper part of the screen.




You can now click on My Details or your Car Name in the right side menu to make changes as required. Remember all changes to My Details and Car will automatically update your entries for download by the Race Organisers.


You can add more cars and delete cars via My Details. You cannot delete a car that is used in a Race Entry!