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Getting Started.

If you have not Registered, please do so. You can look at the Race Meetings offered here but if you want to race you need to register.

After you register you need to enter some details about yourself. To do this click My Details.

Enter your full name and your mobile phone. In the future we may introduce Race News by SMS text messages.

Check the types of racing that interest you. This will allow the Race Organisers to send you details of their races.


When you have finished entering your details press the update button.

Next you need to Add a Car. Press the Add Car button. You will see the New Car appear in the My Cars list. Click on the New Car to enter its details. If you want to delete a car you can do so with the Delete Car button.

Car Details

You should give your car a name that describes the type of car. TC for Touring Car etc. If you have more than 1 of the same car, add a number to the name. You will use this name when selecting a car when entering a race.

Selecting Frequencies.

You can select any RC frequency for your car. Tick the band and press Select Band to display all the frequencies available in that band. Not all frequencies listed will be available in your country. Race Organisers will select the legal frequencies for a meeting. When you look at your entry it will not included frequencies not available for use at the meeting.

When you have selected your frequencies you should press the update button to save the Car Details. Once the frequencies have been saved, you can uncheck the bands and press the Select bands button. If you need to change frequencies select the bands again.

Entering a Race Meeting.

To see available meetings press the Race Meetings button on the Menu. This will list the Race Meetings that match your Interests. You can change the Filter drop down to show all meetings. Press the Filter Button to update the display. To display details of a meeting, click on the Race Meeting name.

To enter the meeting press the Enter button. To view the competitors click the number of entries.